It is important to note that IDEMIA’s pre-enrollment process replaces the Fingerprint Authorization Form. IDEMEA’s  pre-enrollment process is an online system used by study subjects to:

  1. Confirm that their first name and date of birth are correctly entered in NETStudy 2.0.
  2. Select what type of identity document they will use at the fingerprint and photo service location to verify their identity.
  3. Locate an IDEMIA/IdentoGo fingerprint and photo service location using their ZIP code.
  4. Schedule an appointment at an IDEMIA/IdentoGo fingerprint and photo service location.

If the study subject’s name or date of birth does not match their identity document, they will be turned away at the fingerprint and photo service location.

If there is a change to or an error in the study subject’s name, date of birth or email address, it must be corrected by the entity that entered it. Once the entity corrects the information, the study subject will receive an email from IDEMIA/IdentoGO informing them that their appointment has been canceled, followed shortly by a new pre-enrollment email. The pre-enrollment email will contain a new UE ID and a new unique URL for the study subject. Using their new UE ID and unique URL, the study subject can log onto IDEMIA’s website and complete pre-enrollment.


Bring: Picture ID(Drivers License, Passport) and a check, money order for $10.50 made out to Idemia. You may use a credit/debit card. Do this only  IF it has not been paid for(your employer will know this-not us). NO cash is accepted. You may also have a NCAC authorization code.